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Make your eyebrows an important part for the expression of your identity! Our licensed permanent makeup artists will make sure you get the exact style you want!

Look stunningly beautiful with one-of-kind Permanent Make up


So looking for the perfect looks? Whether it is for an all important dinner date, business appointment, or even after a splash in the pool, permanent make up is what you need. It not only gives your face an instant face lift, permanent make up will leave you looking well groomed, fresh, and sharp always.

One-of-a-kind Permanent Make up

After a detailed consultation where we will discuss your goals, possible options, and health history- including allergies, your permanent make up professional will proceed to create a temporal impression with the color choice that suits you.

Permanent Make Up

We will only proceed if you’re satisfied with the temporary impression, so you see, you have nothing to fear. If at this stage you’re not satisfied, we’ll work out a better option until you’re pleased.

  • We use only high grade pigments that are even suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • You’re in good hands because we adhere to strict hygiene during pigmentation- the working environment and your skin are disinfected, while we complete the task using disposable needles and nozzles.
  • Every individual is unique, so you’ll be getting a personalized service.
  • Who says looking good has to cost you the moon? Our prices are competitive thus allowing you to save more money.
  • Our staff are fun to be around- friendly, courteous, and helpful.
Best Microblading in Las Vegas
People Say

I love my gorgeous eyebrows from MaryCo! I would recommend her to anybody who wants to find the best microblading artist in Las Vegas. I also like that every hair stroke looks so natural. She is very talented, attentive, and overall a nice person! Her eyebrow works are outstanding, look at those pictures!

Nadia Yushina
October 17, 2018

If you ever were thinking of microbladding your eyebrows you have to message this beautiful talented lady! I love make up and my eyebrows were not cooperating so I took a leap of faith and I love them they will need a little time to heal but other that, good as gold, she was kind, patient, listened to what I wanted made sure I was comfortable and as pain free as possible super professional !! Now I can truly say #eyebrowsonfleek Mery Eyebrows Varda 😊

Seta Sadowitz Ajamian
October 17, 2017

Mary is simply amazing!! My brows have never looked this good. She’s very knowledgeable and has extensive understanding of brow shape and placement based on the bone structure. I was very nervous at first because my one brow is completely different from the other and it has always been a struggle to fill it in with brow products to make it look the same. I’ve always taken pictures from my one favorite side because my brows never looked right. After her consultation I realized that my left brow bone is lower than the other side and that’s why my brows looked so different. She was able to shape and correct it so it looks the same. Now I can take pictures from either side 😊 If you’re interested in microblading I highly recommend Mary, she’s a perfectionist and takes her time during the process until they are perfect. I just went back for my touch up and I’m so happy with her work. Not only do I have Brows now but they also look good. Thank you Mary, you truly did an amazing job.

Ayesha Rashid
December1, 2018
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As trend-on, dedicated, and experienced artists, we hold on to this truth and that’s what we bring to table with our permanent make up services.

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